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There is still another internet resource I use for finding images. Stock.xchng is a free stock photography site. Although the photos are generally of lower quality than Shutterstock or iStockPhoto, you can still find some very useful images. I use this website when I need images for a mock-up or for a school or personal […]

Another reason I may use the internet to search for images is for composition. I may need to draw a picture or take a photograph but I’m not quite sure how I would like it to look. What angle, what will be included and so forth. For this I will usually go to Shutterstock which […]

  One reason I search for images on the internet is for inspiration. For this I will most likely turn to Google images. I’m able to type in words or ideas and see related images. Sometimes I end up getting images that don’t relate but overall I’ve always been quite satisfied. They are usually of […]