Searching for Images – Part 2


Another reason I may use the internet to search for images is for composition. I may need to draw a picture or take a photograph but I’m not quite sure how I would like it to look. What angle, what will be included and so forth. For this I will usually go to Shutterstock which is a stock photography site with high quality photos taken by professional photographers. This site also includes Flash, vectors and illustration, but I almost always use it for the photography alone. I’m usually able to find very dynamic and interesting images on virtually any subject. 

Shutterstock Results

Screenshot of Shutterstock's results for "placing a bet".

Of course you must pay to use any of these photos, but I generally just use them for inspiration and to get a better idea of what I’m trying to do in my own image. When you click on any thumbnail you’re able to see a slightly larger version of the photo but it of course contains a watermark, like the one shown below. Sometimes these photos are good to use as placeholders in a document you’re creating until you have your original image to insert.

Shutterstock Image

Larger version of an image from Shutterstock.


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